Make a Payment

Online Bill Pay

You may pay your bill online using a credit card.

Please Note: When you go to the payment site for the first time click the “Register” button at the top right corner. You will need your location/Account #.

person sitting at a desk holding a credit card and a bill to pay

Additional Payment Options: Direct Payment

You can choose to pay your monthly water bill automatically by way of an ACH Debit transfer. This transaction is initiated by Mid-America Bank at our request each month, and with your permission, funds equal to the amount of your water bill are drawn from your account at your bank (electronically) and deposited in our account at Mid-America Bank. Download a PDF of the ACH agreement form that you can complete, sign and return to us to begin this service. A voided check or a deposit slip must also be attached to the form. You will not incur any transaction fees in using the ACH Debit service.

Once the service has been initiated, Rural Water District No. 4 will calculate your water bill and initiate a debit to your account on the first day of each month by sending a file to Mid-America Bank. You must have funds available in the account at that time each month, as a debit that fails to clear your account will result in a $25.00 fee being charged, similar to the fee for NSF checks. If applicable, late charges will be assessed as well.

This is becoming a popular way to avoid those unpleasant late payment fees! A neighboring water district reports that some 30% of its customers now pay with ACH Debit.